Wynd City

Population: 52,000
Known Aspects: Wind Powers Progress

Areas suitable for farming and thriving are few and far between in the burning wastes and Wynd City is situated in one of the best known for hundreds of miles. Even so life is still harsh and often short. The salt lake, often referred to simply as Wynd Lake or Green Lake, has plenty of fish which help to feed most of the population and there is enough fresh water in the area to grow a few grains and raise goats and grasshoppers, the other two main sources of nutrition in the area after fish, in the surrounding hills.

The city is aptly named as the population uses the near constant high elevation winds of the area to power almost all industry found in the area. Wind turbines work mills, granaries, pump water throughout the more affluent areas of the city and much more.

Wynd is ruled by a City Council although rumors abound of a shadow government actually in control behind the scenes. Order is maintained by a police force known as the Enforcers who handle arrests and basic defense within the city proper and to some extent the surrounding region.

Wynd City

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