Setting Information


Current: Water and food shortages are leading to increasing conflicts with local towns and even cities as far away as Green Vale along with increased activity from Cannibals in the area.

Impending: A large group of cannibals known as The Cannibal Collective is rumored moving into the Wynd/Green Vale area. If this is true it could be disastrous to the fragile local economy and could destroy the few sustainable farms making food that was already scarce almost impossible to come by.


Wynd and Wasteland is a game of isolation . Although there may be many cities and villages scattered across the world none of them are very near one another. With the scarcity of resources people are often isolated even within cities as no one ever wants to get too close to anyone else in case they become a target of theft or worse. Mutants roam the world, victims of Apocalypse Zones where the strange leftovers of one or more of the planet ending events that has occurred in the past still give off strange energy. Steam Power and Wind Power are very popular among the currently re-emerging technology .

World Information

Moons – There are two moons, one fairly small moon and one tiny moon that is hard to see. The larger of the two is visible for around two days and then gone for the same amount of time before rising again in the east.

Money – Rectangular coins of iron, titanium and chromium are used as money in most places.

Setting Information

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